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CAM is a company with a large experience in the maintenance, redevelopment and preservation of residential, industrial and public buildings.

Transparency, respect towards our clients, passion and adaptability are our values and your strengths.

CAM is part of a group of companies established in 2008 that adds since then complex, high quality services to the construction market . Our mission is to exceed all expectations in every project that we are entrusted with, so that we built a lasting relationship and fruitful collaboration with all our clients and partners.

Our attention to details, work ethics and engagements to our customers differentiate us from the competition. At CAM, we customize every aspect of the work to suit your individual needs and we do it with a smile on our faces.

We consider it a privilege to work in your home, your office and we look forward to work for you and your projects.

Few facts about CAM

Innovation and reinvestment of profit

We make innovations and investments through our own forces. The group that CAM is part of consists of specialized enterprises, which have a common purpose - to meet and exceed the expectations of the clients.

Advanced technology

The advantage belongs to the client.
The machines we use are a guarantee of our success together with the team’s spirit and knowledge.

Entrepreneurial education

We offer to young people the opportunity to learn and pursue a career in civil and industrial construction.

Employees are the strongest pillar

Permanent permutations organized within the company keep our employees up to date with all the latest developments in the field.

Take a look
at our attainments

We are specialized in all types of works, whether we are talking about the well known, common constructions on concrete or masonry structure, or we are talking about the most demanding, metal constructions. Our knowledge in the field and experience are advantages that hardly anyone else can reach or overcome.

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We are ready to execute the work that will change your life.

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