We perform civil and industrial constructions, roads and earthworks, demolitions, excavations, sewerage and gas networks.
We also perform structural reinforced concrete and concrete reinforcements, structural consolidations by changing the structural system and static schemes, special cement mortar repairs and concrete injections, exterior rehabilitations post repairs and consolidations, and other specific construction works.
Rehabilitation of buildings and historical monuments.
Consolidation and rehabilitation of a building implies greater attention and responsibility from the constructor than the construction of a new building, because any expertise on such a building can not fully capture the state of the building and as such in the construction phase the builder must provide and take all necessary measures to avoid undesirable events. Because of these technical inconveniences, it is good to know that the consolidation of an old building (housing blocks, churches, historical monuments) are very complex works that can take over time and have a high execution cost.

Design and maintenance

CAM renovations and interior design

We provide services for decorating houses, commercial spaces or offices.

Interior design involves including our customers' ideas and corroborating them with the expertise of experienced architects and designers to turn an apartment, house or office into an ideal place to spend your time and daily activities.

CAM renovations and exterior fittings

The main feature of CAM Construction's exterior works is that they are designed to withstand both qualitatively and aesthetically the aggressive environmental factors to which they are subjected (sun, wind, rain, freeze-thaw).

We perform these works correctly and with the best quality materials. We take responsibility for the work done by our staff and do our best to keep our customers satisfied with the collaboration with our company.

CAM waterproofings

CAM performs waterproofing works at industrial halls, bridges and viaducts, foundations, car parks, roofs and hydrotechnical works.

We perform terraced waterproofing works: slope concrete, primer application (alquitran), thermal insulation, waterproofing membrane (4 kg), geotextile, drainage and filtration.

The waterproofing technique differs according to the characteristics and functionality of the areas where the waterproofing works are performed

Utility climbing

The services offered by our company include: utility climbing techniques, industrial mountaineering construction works at height (painters, plasters, thermal insulation, etc.) and cleaning (washing / cleaning of glass facades or other materials.
All our utilitarian climbing work takes place in the most secure conditions and is carried out in accordance with the methodological norms in force. Our qualified personnel use special equipment.

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